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Your place to feed your passion and find inspiration.


For the past 12 years “Bannockburn Across the Bridge” (founded by Jan Hawkins and Heather McPherson) has operated under the umbrella of Cromwell and Districts Community Arts Council Inc. (Arts Central) who have provided funding, managed finances and provided insurance cover for events and venues. 


In late 2022 Arts Central passed a resolution stating they would not be able to provide the above support ongoing and suggested we should set up our own entity. 


The Bannockburn Across the Bridge committee resolved that there was an ongoing need to continue their work of supporting art, artists and events in the Bannockburn region and after due diligence established Bannockburn Arts Charitable Trust (BACT). 


On May 5th 2023 Bannockburn Arts Charitable Trust became incorporated. 


The functional benefit of becoming an incorporated Charitable Trust board (registered as such with NZ Companies office) is that it allows BACT to open bank accounts, obtain insurances and apply for funding with Grant providers directly. Hence running events such as workshops and exhibitions that provide benefits aligned with the purpose statement as below.


For operational simplicity the organisation will be known as Bannockburn Arts. 


The stated purpose of Bannockburn Arts is 

“To create and support vibrant and creative art activities that provide social and cultural benefits for the greater Bannockburn community.” 


As a charitable trust, we need to build funds to assist with events that align with the above purpose statement. Hence we will be seeking grants and sponsorship from funders in the Otago region.


Essentially Bannockburn Arts is an organiser of events that supports artistic creativity and social interaction that benefits the Bannockburn region.


What Bannockburn Arts is not

We are not an agent or agency for art or artists and hence do not presume to represent the views of artists. 


However we would like to hear your views and ideas to assist with our planning and implementation of exhibitions and workshops. 

The structure of Bannockburn Arts 

3 trustees – who provide governance and administration of the Trust. Jan Hudson is the chair with Christine O’Donnell and Mark Christie fellow trustees. 


6 Committee members – which includes the 3 trustees above plus Gillian Watt, Celia Walmsley and Andie Pearce. The committee is responsible for management of the events run by Bannockburn Arts. 


Volunteers – essential members of the team who join as required to assist with running events. We will be seeking these closer to events being run. 


All the above roles are all provided on a voluntary basis. 

Come to Bannockburn

The Cromwell Basin is bursting with good food, good wine, talented artists and scenery to knock your socks off, and it is all yours to discover at Bannockburn Arts.


Experience our stunning valley, surrounded by mountains and springtime colour, as you immerse yourself in an unforgettable week of creativity.


Spring is a busy time for Central Otago, so you may want to extend your stay beyond the weekend. There are the ETC (Eat.Taste.Central) gourmet celebrations, AWE (At the World’s Edge) Classical Music Concerts, and more.


Hence, this spring, our beautiful Bannockburn village will again host an Exhibition with other events to be advised.

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